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You can book a motorcycle lesson or a QRIDE assessment course by calling 1300 99 70 50 or 0468 99 00 66.


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How to get a motorcycle licence

Step One >> Get your RE(L). If you don't have an RE(L) right now - then you'll first have to complete a Pre-Learner QRIDE course for $548.

Step Two >> Learn how to ride (if you know how to ride jump to Step Three). If you don't know how to ride or only have a little experience then we can help you increase your skills and confidence and help you prepare to meet all the requirements of the QRIDE assessment course. We charge $55 per hour for lessons and our aim is to get your up to standard swiftly (however, we dare not rush you and safety is our priority) i.e. you set the pace of progress. We offer one-on-one training because it is the best learning experience and it is also the best value for money for you.

Step Three >> Complete an RE QRIDE course for $298/$348 and at the end of the course you'll have your licence. N.B. The Super $298 super special price for Tuesdays at Murrumba Downs & Caboolture locations.

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